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Best Starter kit starting from 49,99 €

It is more than many other smoking alternatives. With Wiip you will be able to experience a true freedom. With its practical, simple & elegant design Wiip will be your best accessorise in the day. We were thinking about people’s dynamic nowadays, so, in line with that we developed 4 unique colour finishes of devices – black, space grey, gold and pink. You don’t have to matter will you bring it to a business meeting, party or just a regular coffee with friends. Wiip is tailor made for every situation.

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Kit that empowers you to start

Connecting your WiiPod and Wiip device will be easier than pairing socks. We promise. Our philosophy is to make your everyday simple, on you is just to choose smart. Starter kit is everything that you need to make a positive change.

Unforgettable vaporized moments

Starter kit consists of high quality aluminium Wiip Device, 2 WiiPods (tobacco & fruit) for unforgettable vaporized moments and USB charger which’ll give your device a whole day battery life. Connect desired WiiPod flavour with your device and start Wiiping. Make a change.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.