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Philosophy 6 advantages

Philosophy 6 advantages Wiip is a development philosophy of the product concept oriented to the consumer experience

From the beginning, simplicity and minimalism is our philosophy of design aesthetics. We understand how details make a difference, so we have developed a philosophy of 6 advantages. The 6 benefits of the Wiip are the result of a quality product manufacturing process. The philosophy concept highlights the following features: no problem with device overheating; no on / off buttons – natural way of vaping: just inhale; free of tobacco and other harmful ingredients from it; no cigarette butts and unpleasant odor; no cough, sore throat and passive smoking, and finally – no waiting between 2 inhalations.

No overheating

With Wiip, there is no possibility of the device overheating. The hardware architecture of the device and the most modern technology provide users with the safest and best experience – wiping.

There are no on / off buttons

You don’t have to worry about your device accidentally getting in your pocket or bag. While designing the Wiip device, we paid special attention to make it as natural and simple as possible. The Wiip is designed to be simple – breathe in and turn it on!

Free of tobacco and other harmful ingredients from it

Tobacco as well as tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemical compounds of which 200 are toxic gases and over 50 carcinogenic substances. That’s how much Wiip is less harmful than cigarettes.

No cigarette butts and no unpleasant odor

Wiip is a highly social and environmentally friendly product. While using Wiip you care about the environment more than you think. Wiip’s team is aware of the global problem with microplastics, which is a huge environmental problem that is “supported” by cigarette smoking and cigarette butts. Be conscientious and trust.

No cough, sore throat and passive smoking

With nicotine salts, instead of the nicotine base as in cigarettes, Wiip gives you a carefree experience – wiping. Cough, sore throat and passive smoking should not worry you as in the case of traditional cigarettes.

No waiting between 2 wiips

If you are having a good time or just having a stressful day, there is no waiting between wiping with Wiip. Wiipate whenever and how much you want *.

* excessive consumption is not recommended.
* Wiipods should be disposed of properly.

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