Be original…

About product

Surreal experience!

You think you saw a UFO at the club?

Specially designed green neon light of the new Wiipstick device, makes your new favorite fashion accessory space attractive.

Revive your uniqueness!

Why would you adopt other people’s habits, when you can create trends?
Wiipstick is a new trend, made to push boundaries and break any monotony.
Just take your disposable Wiipstick and enjoy!


Easy for any occasion!

The eleven flavors of Wiipstick will satisfy even the most demanding. Choose between Watermelon, Peach, Juicy Mango, Energy Drink, Ananas Cocktail, Grape, Vanilla, Raspberry, Mandarine, Lemonade, Banana Shake flavor and fill the room with the scent of delicious fruit. No coughing, no cigarette butts, no tar and no overheating. Wiipstick is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to eradicate harmful habits, and move to the safe side of wiping. Simple design and ease of use is the main advantage of Wiipstick. You don’t need a power button, you don’t even need a charger. All you need to do is open the package and wiping can begin.

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