Be original…

How to Wiip?

You want to replace the unpleasant smell of cigarettes and get rid of cigarette butts, and you have realized that Wiip is the best alternative for you.

Visit the Wiip online store or our outlets and choose the color of your Wiip device in the Starter Kit.

Now choose Wiipod flavours- tobacco or fruit. Remove the protective cover from your Wiipod flavor before pairing. Please note that you are not trying to pair floors of other brands with a Wiip device. Doing so can seriously damage your Wiip device.

Once you have paired the desired Wiipod flavor with your Wiip device, remove the protective mouthpiece from the Wiipod and wiip. Simple as it seems. Feel the freedom. Make a positive change.

* In case your Wiip does not respond, the battery may be empty. If so, plug it into a USB cable and charge it for up to 45 minutes.

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