How to Wiip

  1. You have decided to switch from odor, fire and ash and realized that the best smoking alternative for you is Wiip.
  2. Go on Wiip online store, choose a colour of your new Wiip device and proceed to buy a Starter kit.
  3. When you buy a device or/and it is shipped to you, to do set up of your Wiip device, firstly you need to connect it to the USB charger and leave it for a couple of hours to charge. Once it is fully charged, device will show white light on the front of it. That means you are good to start Wiipiing.
  4. Now, choose one of the WiiPod flavours that you get with Starter kit – tobacco or fruit. Do not try to pair Pods from other brands with Wiip device. You could seriously damage your device. Before pairing remove protection cover from your WiiPod.
  5. When you pair your desired flavour of the WiiPod with your Wiip device, remove cap from WiiPod and inhale. Easy as that.
  6. Start Wiiping. Feel the Freedom. Make a positive change.
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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.