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Quality Assurance Policy

The fundamental value of our company is controlling the quality of the product and its production.

The fundamental value of our company is quality control of production and the product itself. Managing quality, we continuously implement it from the beginning of the phase of development and realization of the final product that we offer to the end customer.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance system is based on the application of specific standards in the field of quality management. In an effort to meet and exceed the strict principles of good manufacturing practice, we integrate high production standards into the quality assurance system. Selected raw materials, modern machine production and professional staff ensure the constant quality of the final product. That is why our products are manufactured and tested in accordance with the standards.

Quality Control

Quality control refers to the control of the production process during its development. Quality control is carried out in two parts. First, internal quality control is carried out by the manufacturers themselves. External quality control is then carried out by conformity assessment bodies, customers, competitors and the market itself.

Quality control is carried out continuously and includes all raw materials, packaging and finished products. In doing so, we use modern analytical methods and techniques or methods developed for our specific needs.

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