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Wiip users do not have problems that cause cigarettes – such as coughs, sore throats or unpleasant odors. How to use Wiip? Extremely simple – choose your Wiipod aroma, pair it with the device, remove the protective mouthpiece from the Wiipod and start wiiping !

If you are just planning to quit smoking, we have prepared two aromas that will give you a real taste of tobacco – Virginia Tobacco and USA Mix. Do you prefer fruit flavors? In that case, you can choose from as many as 8 different flavors of the Wiipod – enter all available fruit flavors here. For lovers of summer flavors, we have prepared a cooling aroma of mint. Listening to the needs of users who do not want a Wiipod with nicotine, we have patented nicotine-free Wiipods, and our current users call the same Wiip “mini hookah”.

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Why is Wiip the No. 1 electric cigarette in the world?

Wiip is a premium product of electric cigarettes developed for your needs. It was created as a result of the latest and most advanced technology to create a steam experience in a finger-sized product. With practicality, elegance and ease of use, Wiip brings a range of solutions to all your challenges. Whether you want to eliminate cough, weight in the lungs caused by cigarettes, protect the passive smoker around you or stop smoking completely and improve your quality of life, Wiip is the only right choice for you.

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The world of Wiip benefits

Our philosophy of design aesthetics from the very beginning goes in the direction of simplicity and minimalism. We know that the details are what make the biggest difference, and for this reason we have designed 6 technical and aesthetic advantages that will maximize the wiiping of each of our users.

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