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Who is Wiip for?

Wiip is more than an alternative to smoking.

Wiip is more than an alternative to smoking. Wiip will provide a sense of freedom to any person who wants to choose smarter, better and different.

Wiip is intended for adult adults only. It contains nicotine and is not completely risk-free. There are also nicotine-free, nicotine-free Wiipods, which are the final step in quitting smoking. They are also great for hookah users, but regardless of the lack of nicotine, it can only be used by adults. Wiip’s ambitious team consists of ex-smokers who fully believe that Wiip’s design and technology will bring significant changes to the industry and encourage smokers to quit smoking.

Wiip is a controlled and tested product intended for people who want to change bad smoking habits into more positive ones and be in line with the latest trend – wiping. A story that includes Wiip will definitely be better than the previous one!

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