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Wiip X animation
Wiip X animation

Wiip X

Do you want a healthier future? Wiip X is already there. No coughing, no cigarette butts, no tar and no overheating. Wiip is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to eradicate harmful habits, move to the safe side of wiping.

Wiip Sun. Shine into the future!

Using the latest technology, we have created a special LED light filled with specially polished crystals, which makes your Wiip X shine just like the sun with every breath and allows better light distribution and visibility from every angle.

Feel the vibration!

Attract everyone around you with the alluring forces of the Neodymium magnet with which your Wiipod Magnetic slides into the slot of the Wiip X device. You don't need a power button, just insert your favourite Wiipod, feel the vibration and start wiiping.

Wiip X

Four new luxury device colors.

Elegant Black, gorgeous gold, magnificent unicorn or playful pink color of the device? Whichever one you choose, we have no doubt that it will become your trademark.

Wiip X

Luxuriously designed for even the most demanding tastes!

Your Wiip logo is now engraved into your Wiip X made of pure high quality material.

The only device on the market with a chip that manages everything.

The Wiip X integrated chip with 36,000 transistors allows smart device management. The most modern and the only device on the market with a chip that manages everything.

Wiip X

Charge faster, wiip longer

With a strong battery, your Wiip X allows you to wipe carefree for up to three days. If you're in a hurry, don't worry. The new usb-c slot allows you to charge less!

*Wiipods and Wiipods Magnetic are the perfect match for your Wiip X Magnetic!

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