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Frequently asked questions

Search for any answer. Here should be answered everything you need to now about Wiiping, so you could Wiip like a Pro. If it is not, contact us and we will find a suitable answer for you, as soon as possible. Choose between mailing, calling or simple contact form.

What is Wiip 6 “NO” Philosophy?

Wiip 6 NOs is product development philosophy concept oriented on hand-on customer experience. From the very first beginning, simplicity and minimalism is our philosophy of design aesthetic. We understand that details make difference, so, we developed Wiip 6 NOs while working on the product features and design. Wiip 6 NOs philosophy concept is consisted of no device overheating problem; no on/off button – natural way of vaping: just inhale; no liquid leakage and refiling problem; no butts and unpleasant smell; no coughing, sore throat and passive smoking, and at the end – no waiting between 2 vaping.

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Is Wiiping smoke-free?

Yes. Wiip is totally smoke-free. Check out more about advantages of Wiiping on Wiip 6 “NO” Philosophy page.

What is the difference between nicotine base and nicotine salts?

Nicotine salts are different than nicotine base in case that base can cause coughing, sore and pain in your throat, and salts make vaping experience better. Nicotine salts enables rich aroma of the WiiPod and more intensive flavour.

How long does the filling of WiiPod last?

How long will your WiiPod last depends largely on intensity of you Wiiping. Lasting of one WiiPod can be compared with two to three cigarette pack.

Are WiiPods safe and quality tested?

WiiPods are fully safe for consumers and tested by internal and external bodies.

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Where can I buy WiiPods?

At the retail points or in our web shop.

What is the price of the single WiiPod?

Price of the single WiiPod is 3,35 € for all flavours.

Can WiiPods be refilled?

No. Once when WiiPod is used it cannot be refilled. If you need new WiiPod for Wiiping, check out our online store or nearest retail point.

What are available flavours of WiiPods?

We have prepared two tobacco flavours – Tobacco and USA Mix, three types of fruit flavours – exotic aroma of strawberry, tropical fruit and a complete note of mango. For the summer flavours fans, we have prepared the coolest mint aroma.

Is it possible to buy device separately, without Starter kit?

Currently that is not possible. But in future we can say it will be. Stay tuned and check our web shop for products that are now available.

Is Wiip device compatible with other Pod brands?

No. Please do not try that because you can damage your device. Wiip device is only compatible with WiiPods. Check out flavours and other information at WiiPods page.

What are available colours of device?

Wiip device is coming in 4 superb colours: Black, Space Grey, Pink and Gold.

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From which materials is Wiip finish made?

Wiip device is made by high quality aluminium in four colour finishes.

How long does battery last on Wiip device?

When average vape consumer is vaping, it lasts for a day. But it really depends on person’s needs and device usage.

Can I choose the colour of Wiip device in my Starter kit?

Yes. Wiip device is coming in 4 superb colours: Black, Space Grey, Pink and Gold. Check out more about Wiip devices.

Can I choose flavours that I want to get with Starter kit?

Starter kit is coming with 2 WiiPod flavours. One fruit and one tobacco – strawberry and Virginia Tobacco. For more flavours check our Shop.

Can I buy things from Starter kit separately?

Currently, you can buy separately WiiPod flavours. Device and USB charger are coming together in Starter kit.

What does Starter kit contain?

Starter kit consists of high quality aluminium Wiip Device, 2 WiiPods (tobacco & fruit) for unforgettable vaporized moments and USB charger which’ll give your device a whole day battery life.

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Is there any discount?

Yes. You can get 35% discount on your first registration in myWiip loyalty program.

What is the price of Starter kit?

Starter kit price is starting at 49,99 €.

Are vaping and tobacco heating the same?

No. Vaping is not using any tobacco ingredients beside nicotine.

What is the difference between smoking and vaping?

The main difference is in aerosol that consumer inhale. When smoking, you inhale smoke and other substitutes that are very harmful, and when vaping, you inhale e-liquid vapour.

Is smoking cigarettes harmful?

Absolutely yes. Smoking is harmful for you and your surroundings. Cigarette combustion causes serious diseases. On the top of that, smoking is very addictive.

Where is Wiip manufactured?

Wiip is an international brand, but originally is coming from Croatia. Device parts for Wiip are coming from all over the world and are assembled in Croatia.

How can I buy Wiip?

For now, you can buy Wiip on our retail points. Buying online over the Web shop will be available soon. Till that, visit our Shop (linkati shop) and choose your favourites.

Is Wiip safe for use?

Wiip is internally and externally tested device, fully safe for use by customers. Click on Quality Assurance Policy if you want to read more about testing and quality of our products.

Who is Wiip for?

Wiip is a product for adult customers only, that contains nicotine, and is not fully without risk.

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What is Wiip umbrella label?

Wiip umbrella label is internationally recognized Virginia White made by Vape Technologies.

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What is Wiip?

Wiip is a brand new, simple and innovative vape solution for an unforgettable experience of vaping.

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What is vaping?

Vaping is the inhaling of a vapour with nicotine (extracted from tobacco) created by an electronic cigarette or other vaping device like Wiip.

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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.