Be original…

Wiiping as Innovation

Wiiping is a brand new, industry-changing, product without burning or heating, passive smoking, and bad smell.

Tobacco, as vaping industry, is meeting with society changes, new trends and changing views on smoking. In the sea of vaping products, we are presenting industry changer, vaping innovation that you will surely catch up with. With Wiip, there are no more tanks, liquid problems, bad breath, on or off button, overheating and many more other disadvantages. Wiip is designed to be simple as – inhale and it’s turned on!

Through research, science and tech development, we wanted to create the best smoking alternative, be a friend of society – we managed that, we succeeded – Wiip is here. Today. By using most advanced technology accesses, we managed to make a product that has a whole day battery, Pods that last as 2-3 cigarette packs and product that is working in symbiosis with the user.

While usual vaping e-liquids are using nicotine base, WiiPods are using nicotine salts, which are assuring much better experience giving to Wiiper no coughing or sore throat, stronger taste and many more advantages.

Wiip prepared everything for change, just click shop and be part of it. Feel free. Choose the difference.

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