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Partner zone

We are focused to build a branched network of authorised partners. In doing so, we include companies in our system who share the same values of work and relationships, as us, with each individual consumer.

Through the form below you can apply for your company to participate in our partner network and helping thousands to switch. By following program, we give our partners constant support in business development, marketing, expansion of our own network and educational development of all involved employees.

Please complete the following application. If this declaration is not completed and submited, your application will not be considered. I confirm that all information given in this form are correct and will be use din business purposes to inform me about portal activities and topics.

With my signature I acknowledge that Vape Technology d.o.o. will gather and use above information (name, e-ail, VAT ID, phone number…) for sale and marketing purposes (receiving e-amils, catalogues, flyers…). Vape Technology d.o.o. will use it for those purposes only and will not divulge the information to a third party.

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